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Nearly all the plumbing in your household is going to experience consistent exposure to water and the minerals it contains. Much like the erosion of water on the earth, over time your water pipes will wear down and develop corrosion. At GFB, we continually stress the importance of preventative plumbing maintenance, because corrosion can and will happen. This is apparent in your most used faucets – your kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as your shower and bath heads. Corrosion happens most often at the seams of pipes, where water is constantly built up and flowing around these seams, especially faucets. Faucet leaks can and will eventually develop and cause damage to the walls, flooring, and cabinetry of your home. To avoid corrosion damage and a faucet leak, it is in your best interest to replace the corroded water pipe as soon as possible. However, if you notice any amount of corrosion on the outside of the water pipe, usually in the form of rust or other discoloration, you may be able to erase some of this damage yourself. Here’s a quick instructional guide to keeping your pipes cleaning and corrosion free for longer:

Step 1: Turn off the water supply, in case the pipe ruptures. You do not want a flood of water to spray out of a broken pipe and all over yourself and your floor.

Step 2: Lay an old rag or towel under the pipe to catch drips and debris. Again, you don’t want any unnecessary spillage that could cause water damage to your home.

Step 3: Use a wire brush to gently scrape away the visible corrosion. Pour one to two tablespoons of white vinegar onto the corrosion to help dissolve the mineral buildup.

If you cannot remove the corrosion, or the corrosion is extensive, contact Dallas’ best faucet leak plumbing repair professionals at GFB Plumbing for assistance. We will clean up any plumbing corrosion or faucet leaks, and get the job done quickly, correctly, and minimize water damage happening to your plumbing system.