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If you have leaks in the slab that your Dallas home is sitting on, this can cause a lot of red flags. Not only are you going to have a world of problems, but you’re going to worry about the integrity of your home, as a whole.

Slab leak detection and repair is essential for any home that sits on a slab foundation. These problems can cause the slab to break down, wear out and not be able to hold the structure on top of it, if not taken care of. You want to be able to live in a strong, well built home, with a slab that is actually able to do the job it was made to do – find out some common problems and why you should have them repaired as soon as you notice them.

It can make a large difference when it comes to the home you reside in.

Detection of Slab Leaks

There are a few ways to notice and detect that you have a slab leak under your home. By keeping these tips in mind, you’re able to call a plumber over, fix the problem and not have to worry about the integrity of your home.

You are paying a higher than normal water bill, month after month. This can also be a sign of pipes in the walls leaking, or even a pool leak – but you shouldn’t rule out a leak in the slab of your home, either.
When all of the water is turned off in the home, but you still hear it running somewhere, this can indicate a slab leak or broken pipe in the system.
There is a hot spot on the floor of one of the rooms right on top of the slab. This can indicate a break in one of the hot water pipes in the home. You may be feeling the rush of hot water beneath your feet, which is leaking into the slab under the home.
There are cracks in the floors or walls of the home. This can indicate that the slabs underneath the home are also cracked and not able to hold the structures up. This can be something that is dangerous. If the entire foundation below the home collapses, so can the house.
You find mold and mildew in the walls, around the floors and hiding in dark spots. There is too much moisture coming into the home and creating this fungus throughout.
Detecting these problems ahead of time can save you a lot of headache later on in the future. You want to deal with a smaller problem now, rather than a bigger problem later on.
Why Have Slab Leaks Repaired?

There are many reasons why you may want to have slab leaks repaired. Not only can this help you save your home, but it can also make your family healthier overall. Here are some of the top most

reasons to have any plumbing leaks throughout your home repaired, not just slab leaks that you find:

You can make everyone in the home sick due to the moisture that is building up. This brings pests inside the walls, mold and mildew that can cause health hazards, as well. Removing the moisture from the air can greatly benefit everyone, and stop the growth from happening.
You’re able to keep your home’s integrity. When the slab of the home is broken, it is not able to hold up the house properly. This can cause it to collapse with time.
You’re able to save money on your water bill each month. This can help you put more money in your pocket and less into the water bills.
You will prevent flooding inside the home. Floods can cause items within your home to become ruined. Some insurance companies may not cover these damages if the problem was not addressed earlier on.
All of these reasons give you an idea of why repairing your slab leaks is essential. You want the best for your home and your family, so call a professional that is able to help!
We are the expert Dallas plumbers that have numerous years of experience. We want to help when it comes to any plumbing leaks you may have. Give us a call to have us come over, do an inspection and find out what exactly the problem is.