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A slab leak is more than just an annoying series of drips. It’s an insidious threat that can permanently compromise the structural integrity of your building. Don’t face years of expensive repairs, dangerous conditions or property devaluation. Choose plumbing contractors with decades of experience tackling slab leak detection, leak repair and plumbing leak detection, and find out why longtime Dallas residents look no further than GFB Plumbing for routine and emergency plumbing services.

Would you be able to recognize the signs of a slab leak?

Have you noticed an unexplained spike in your water bill or a marked loss in water pressure? Have you seen evidence of mold or unusual dampness on your building’s first floor? These could all be warning signs of an active slab leak, but slab leak detection is only the beginning. Even if you suspect that you have a leak, you may be unsure of its location. Our licensed plumbing professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to identify your leak, assess your risk factors, and suggest solutions to protect you and your property.

Call GFB Plumbing first.

Plumbing repair is a trade, but that doesn’t mean all providers are tradesmen. Don’t waste time scouring your area for fly-by-night plumbing companies eager to make costly promises they can’t keep. GFB Plumbing specialists have earned a reputation for reliability and results, and they’ll never leave you in the dark about damages, costs or schedules.

We understand that you can’t put your life, home or business on pause to deal with a slab leak, and we value your time as much as we value our own. Engage an American leak detection company staffed by licensed, insured team members you can trust. We recruit and maintain considerate, respectful and professional staff, and we specialize in affordable plumbing solutions that won’t leave your home or business in a mess.

Get affordable plumbing from Dallas’s top plumbing contractors.

Don’t leave plumbing leak detection or leak repair at the mercy of untrained eyes or inexperienced hands. When the foundation of your building is at risk, you need an American leak detection company and licensed plumbing specialists. Find out why GFB Plumbing ranks first on the list of Dallas’s finest plumbing companies, and leave your plumbing services and plumbing repair to experienced plumbing contractors who work with your safety and convenience in mind. Contact us today for a convenient free estimate you can use immediately.