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Is your hot water tank leaking? A leaking water heater is at best inconvenient, but you’re probably not aware of the havoc it can wreak on your home or business when it’s at its worst. Why wait to find out?

A leaking water heater could prove more costly than you ever imagined, and botched water heater leak detection can take a toll on more than just your wallet. Don’t trust an uneducated diagnosis when it comes to water heater leaking. Leave your concerns in the hands of one of the most respected and established plumbing companies in Dallas.

Would you know the difference?

Is your hot water heater leaking from bottom? Perhaps you’ve seen your water heater leaking from top. Do these two symptoms present different risks? The answer is yes. Hot water tank leaking could present a problem far larger than any you’re prepared to tackle.

Are you comfortable with the idea of trusting your property’s water leak detection to providers who don’t know Dallas? Our licensed and insured team members have decades of experience providing professional plumbing services that keep area homes and businesses safe.

Don’t try to diagnose your leaking hot water heater yourself. An experienced plumber knows the differences between the risks associated with a water heater leaking from top and a water heater leaking from bottom, and a trained eye can easily identify risk factors that may affect the integrity of your systems. You might notice a hot water heater leaking, but GFB Plumbing specialists will notice far more; they’ll identify and correct the problem at its source.

Leave water leak detection to the experts.

Where you see a leaking hot water heater, we see an opportunity to use specialized water heater leak detection to make recommendations that may someday save you thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Trust our team members to give you honest, professional advice.

We’ll put an end to water heater leaking.

Don’t spend a second attempting to self-diagnose the causes of your hot water heater leaking; you’ll only turn critical minutes into crucial hours you can’t afford. Find out why area residents trust GFB Plumbing, and let licensed and insured professionals research, identify, and repair leaks that place your residential or commercial property at risk. Contact us today to speak with a leak detection professional, or fill out a convenient online form to receive a customized quote you can use now.