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Toilet plumbing problems are common among households that do not have proper toilet or plumbing installation and maintenance. Hire the best toilet repair contractor in Dallas — GFB Plumbing can address any issue!

Toilet problems tend to scare the heck out of people, but understanding common toilet problems and toilet repair solutions can ease your mind. There are a few common toilet problems that frequently happen in residential and commercial toilets in Dallas. Here are some common toilet plumbing problems.

Overflowing Toilets. One of the most common issues with residential and commercial toilets is overflow. When the water in the toilet bowl starts to rise, people tend to panic. In most cases, the toilet is clogged. Flushing the toilet will not alleviate the problem as additional water will overflow. If you suspect clogged toilet, contact the best toilet repair contractor in Dallas (GFB Plumbing). We will diagnose the problem and determine what is clogging the toilet. We’ll take measures to remove the clog and restore the your toilet to a usable condition.

Running Toilet. Another common toilet problem is a continuously running toilet — i.e., the toilet keeps cycling water and will not shut off. If this is the case, a toilet repair contractor will likely suggest replacing the flapper valve. We may use a flapper replacement kit to fix the problem. After we replace the flapper on the toilet, we’ll test the toilet to ensure that it is properly flushing and ensure that the problem will not arise in the near future.

Problems with the Water Supply Valve. The water supply valve is an important part of the toilet and issues with the water supply valve can create other toilet repair problems. Buying a valve kit to replace the faulty one is an option, but a Dallas toilet plumber/contractor like GFB Plumbing can diagnose the problem and determine if replacement is indeed necessary. If replacement is necessary, we can install the replacement and ensure that it is fully functioning. We can also check to see if there are any leaks.

Improper Installation. Another common toilet problem is improper toilet installation. If the toilet is improperly installed, various complications can arise. Hire Dallas’ best toilet repair contractor right away!

These are some of the most common problems associated with residential and commercial toilet repair in Dallas. If you have toilet issues, take time to find the best Dallas toilet repair contractor. There are many options available, but we hope you’ll trust GFB’s reputation in the Dallas community for honesty and reliability. Compare our services and rates to our competition, and consider our years of experience, reliability and comprehensive plumbing repair services.

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