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Bath, Shower, Kitchen and Outdoor Faucet Repair

Dallas residents look to GFB Plumbing for both superior advice and service for all jobs big and small, commercial and residential, including:

Moen, Kohler and Delta bathroom faucet repair and replacement;
Moen, Kohler and Delta shower faucet repair and installation;
All types of kitchen faucet repair and replacement; and
Outdoor faucet repair and installation
There is no convenient time for any faucet to fail! GFB Plumbing is always ready to respond to emergency calls 24/7 dispatching professional technicians to the entire Dallas area!

We’re Kitchen sink plumbing experts. GFB Plumbing helps Dallas residents reduce water consumption through the installation of water-saving faucets. Moen faucet repair or replacement brings improved performance through redesigned fixtures both innovative in function and decorative in appearance. GFB also specializes in Kohler faucet repair and Delta faucet repair.

Why Do Faucet Leaks Happen?

When water is delivered under pressure and the only barrier is a thin rubber washer to provide a watertight seal, leaky faucets are inevitable. Outdoor faucet repair tackles the same susceptibilities as bathtub faucet repair. Faucets get leaky and drip, leaving rusty stains the longer they are allowed to persist.

We specialize in Delta faucet repair, Moen faucet repair and Kohler faucet repair, but there are a wide range of fixtures designed to address this vulnerability, and many modern materials and unique design styles. If you want to install or repair a different model, we can handle that, too.

Leaks Cost Money!

Collect the water that drips just in the course of an hour and then extrapolate the cost over the course of a month — you’d be shocked to discover how much money is literally running down the drain! $20 wasted in leaky faucets calculated over time makes quick repair a must.

Difficult to Do It Yourself

Repairing modern kitchen and bathtub faucets is usually easier than with older models. However, years of corrosion and placque buildup might make it a little tougher for the DIYer to remove old parts. Even accessing simple washers could involve removing the stem, within which there may be a series of washers. For expert Moen, Delta Kohler or any other bathroom faucet repair in the Dallas area, contact GFB Plumbing for licensed, professional service.

Bath faucet repair and kitchen faucet repair are not limited to the typical unimaginative designs of old. Function meets form as modern decorators have endeavored to dare to change the way bathroom and kitchen design styles appear. In some cases, the simple replacement of old fixtures with new, modern styles is enough to give a feeling of upgrading especially when they perform so well with such ease.

Proactive Solutions

The benefit of consulting GFB includes specialized pro-active solutions. It is far better to have the job performed correctly the first time to avoid repeat issues with running water. As our source of life, as the means of keeping a home clean and fresh, the water delivery system should function at the highest level of safety and cleanliness and today’s modern fixtures give this advantage.

GFB Plumbing: Unmatched Expertise

Whether it is kitchen sink plumbing, outdoor faucet repair, bathtub faucet repair, kitchen faucet repair or any other plumbing issues, GFB Plumbing in Dallas has all the tools and expertise to complete the job right the first time –every time.

With thirty years experience under our tool belt, let GFB plumbing handle your kitchen, bathroom, shower or bathtub faucet repair or any other plumbing needs in your home or commercial building.