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Are you feeling the pain of a clogged drain? What seems like a minor inconvenience can quickly become much more than a tedious household hassle. Don’t wait until a nuisance becomes a nightmare. Get help from a team of dedicated professionals with an outstanding reputation for plumbing solutions in Dallas.

Drain repair and drain pipe repair

No two clogs are alike. Bathroom drains are typically plagued by hair clogs; kitchen drains usually fall victim to food and grease clogs. All clogs increase the likelihood that drain pipes will become corroded; corrosion can permanently compromise pipes, causing costly leaks and possibly even allowing harmful substances to seep into drinking water and bath water. Trust the specialists at GFB Plumbing to take an educated approach to identifying and clearing drains that have become sluggish, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your services won’t have to be repeated days, weeks or even months from now.

Drain repair safety

Many property owners incorrectly assume that simple applications of a few over-the-counter chemicals can solve most drain problems without the assistance of a trained plumber. Many of these chemicals are flammable, noxious and toxic to humans and animals, and they frequently only correct the problem temporarily. Never run the risk of toxicity or dangerous splashes; when in doubt, always enlist the assistance of a professional plumber who understands the pros and cons of chemical applications.

Most homeowners and business owners don’t have the tools or knowledge to tackle a badly clogged drain, but many make the mistake of attempting to take matters into their own inexperienced hands. Don’t fall victim to the expedience of a do-it-yourself job; save time and money by enlisting the help of a team with more than 30 years of experience tackling drain problems in your area.

Call the drain experts who know Dallas.

Why leave a clog to chance? Don’t try to puzzle over a solution yourself. At best, a temporary fix may someday require an expensive corrective project; at worst, it may present hazards you can’t afford to abide. Leave your drain repair and drain pipe repair problems in capable, honest hands, and find out why residents throughout your area turn to GFB Plumbing for residential and commercial plumbing projects. Act now to protect your property, wallet and family, and call today to get personalized assistance and a convenient free estimate.