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When you need to working with a plumbing company that is actually knowledgeable in the field of medical gas piping systems, we are here. We know that these pipes deliver precious gases to where they need to go. Each pipe should be handled with care, while also being installed properly within the medical facility. When you trust in us, we will ensure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. High quality services are all we provide to Dallas healthcare facilities.
The pipes that we use will be of the highest grades to ensure that they provide the optimum performance, each and every time it is needed. Learn a bit more about the medical gas piping systems that we are able to install and repair.

What are Medical Gas Piping Systems

Medical gas piping systems are systems that deliver precious gases to specific areas throughout a medical facility. This can range from sleeping gases to oxygen for the patients of the medical facility. The pipes that are used for the installation should be non-combustible and anti-flammable to provide only the best for gas replacement services.

These medical gas piping systems are important to these facilities, because without them, they would have to find other means to deliver the gases to the patients. This is why they employ a team of highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable professionals to come in and put the pipes in the medical facilities. This allows them to provide these gases to their patients.

Problems That Can Arise

If the piping system is not installed correctly, there are problems that can arise. Extreme problems can even cause death in the patient that is using the system, or those around the facilities. This is because some of the gases, when released in large quantities, can be harmful to those that are breathing them in within the rooms of the facility.

If the pipes are not installed correctly, the gases will not be able to go to the necessary rooms – leaving these patients without the gases that are needed. By having a professional install them, test them and then maintain them throughout the life of the facility, there will be no health hazards to be worried about for anyone within the facility.

The Installation

While we install the pipes, we make sure that the gases are turned off and not running through them. We make sure to take every safety precaution possible. If the facility is running during the time of installation, we ensure that we work as efficiently as possible, so you’re still able to take care of patients. We will make sure that plans are drawn up prior to installation. We want to know where each pipe is coming from and going too. Planning the entire process is important.

We will take every effort to get the job done as soon as possible, but we also want to ensure that a high level of quality is also put into the job. We want the system to work correctly, to be able to function when it is needed in a critical moment. In order for this to happen, the job may take a bit longer than it would for a normal residential piping system to be installed.
Take the next step, make the most of the facilities that you run and know that you have the necessary piping system throughout to care for your patients.

These piping systems are one of the most important. Not only do they help those that visit the facilities, but they can provide an instant way to receive life saving gases that would not otherwise be so easily accessible. This is one part of the job that we do, that we love. We can provide a high quality piping system to a place that is able to save lives, each and every day.
If you are a Dallas medical facility owner, are going to be or just looking to upgrade or maintain the medical gas piping system in your facility – give us a call. We are able to help on all levels to ensure that you get the high quality system and services you’re in need of.