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When the unthinkable happens and your plumbing systems fail, call Texas Plumber. We understand that your house is more than merely a monetary investment. It is the place you have chosen for you and your family. Texas Plumber understands the stresses involved with minor and emergency repairs. Were you aware that that annoying water leak was costing might be costing you thousands in unnecessary damages? Hundreds of gallons of water can be lost every week because of a slowly dripping faucet. Our highly-skilled technicians can handle your leaky faucet issues before they become major emergencies. Let us help you protect your home and business by allowing us to protect your plumbing systems.

With offices located throughout Dallas and Houston and surrounding communities, Texas Plumber is ready to assist you with one-hour responses to emergencies. With our fully-stocked trucks, most service calls can be resolved on our first visit. To schedule a free estimate for non-emergency related repairs, please fill our online service request form.

More Than Just Emergency Plumbing Services or Repairs

While Texas Plumber provides routine and emergency repair services, it also is important to maintain your plumbing systems so that you can avoid expensive and inconvenient service calls when breakdowns occur. Did you know that one of the most overlooked, and potentially expensive, problems a homeowner might face is the problem of deteriorating foundations? Our highly trained technicians also have extensive experience with plumbing system inspections and system maintenance. Let us help you protect your home with our Whole House Inspection program. With this program, we will inspect all of your foundation concerns, and plumbing systems, including bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, water heaters, water lines throughout your home for showers, and faucets, water supply lines and shut-off valves. Because of the popularity of Natural or LP Gas, Texas Plumbers also offers, as part of our Whole House Inspection, service of all Natural and LP gas from the meter to all of the connections and cut-off valves located throughout your homes or places of business.plumbing fixtures

Have you considered how necessary a water heater is to your daily routines? Without water heaters, there would not be convenient hot water for cooking, bathing or laundry. Texas Plumber technicians have the necessary education and experience with any water heaters, tankless or traditional that you choose to have installed. We proud to participate in Texas Gas rebate programs and we carry Rheem water heaters.

Not all of your repair concerns are located with the walls of your homes or businesses. If you utilize lawn sprinklers or irrigation systems to combat the oppressive Texas summers, Texas Plumber technicians can ensure that they are properly functioning.

Texas Plumber technicians are not only skilled at handling routine and emergency residential needs, but they are also experienced with commercial property issues. Did you know that one of the most effective, yet overlooked, sewer maintenance routines is drain cleaning? Texas Plumber provides dependable and qualified drain cleaning services in the Dallas and Houston communities. However, when you call us for drain cleaning, you can also expect us to ensure that your sewer lines are undamaged and to examine the grease traps. These preventative services will add years to your sewer system’s life. When it comes to preventative maintenance, we value our customer’s needs.

Our service technicians are uniquely trained with using hydro jetting to clear blockages from commercial sewer systems. Our hydro jetting equipment is pressure regulated providing efficient and cost-effective maintenance solutions for your commercial sewer system needs. If the need arises, our service technicians are also proficient in the use of cabling, more commonly known as ‘snaking’, of your sewer systems. Our cabling tools utilize piano wire, which gives us the flexibility address small drain clogs to major sewer line blockages. Our service technicians are trained to operate everything from hand-held cables to our sturdier, motor-powered machines that have can remove clogs in 12-inch diameter sewer lines.

Your Time Is Valuable

As a locally-owned family business, Texas Plumber knows that your time is valuable. Our service technicians receive a thorough background check and are fully licensed and insured. We never utilize unskilled day laborers for any of our contracted repair or remodeling projects. Texas Plumber technicians will arrive, on time, at your residence, wearing clean uniforms and will provide proper identification, which includes Texas Plumber business cards. Texas Plumber technicians will only arrive at your home with vehicles that are clearly identified. All appropriate licenses are recognized in our literature and websites. Texas Plumber’s business forms also clearly identify all State regulatory agencies that have oversight over our industry.

Best Service Guaranteed

With over two decades experience in the Dallas and Houston communities, Texas Plumber’s technicians have the experience and training to meet all of your home’s plumbing needs, usually within the first visit.We strive to finish all of our contracted projects with quality and efficient service, complete customer approval and meeting all relevant municipal codes. Texas Plumber not only guarantees quality and efficient service, but we also promise that all of our technicians wear paper booties and use floor mats in the work area and when the project is finished the technicians will scrupulously clean the work area and return your home to the state in which it was at the start of the contracted project.

When consulting with our technicians about your remodeling projects, we guarantee that our technicians will listen carefully and provide you with a thorough quote of the work to be completed. We only complete necessary and approved repairs. However our service technicians are trained to make you aware of any potential issues that might be discovered during the course of completing any contracted work projects.